Display Cases: Art Imitates Life: LGBTQ in Literature
The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning person could be your family member, your neighbor, your colleague, or someone in the front-page news. As more people feel comfortable coming out of the closet, authors feel more comfortable including them in literature. This exhibit highlights books (and some movies) that feature LGBTQ characters.

Lower Concourse Gallery: Youth Services Summer Reading T-Shirt Display
Enjoy a look at T-Shirts from Summer Reading in years gone by. (Runs through August 2015).

Upper Concourse Gallery: RVC Restored
RVC Restored is a photographic essay that features archival photos of Rockville Centre that have been digitally restored by the very talented South Side High School Photography Club students. (Runs through May 2016).

The Helen Crouse Room
no exhibit

Small Community Room
no exhibit